Concord Hospitality Inc. is a restaurant and hotel franchise development company headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska with premier properties in Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri. Our company owns, operates and promotes such nationally recognized concepts as Best Western and Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que.

Founded in 1986, Concord has continued to see strong and steady growth. Our company strives to serve guests with quality products and services while also promoting a culture where our employees are able to develop both personally and professionally.

The Concord culture is driven by a desire for excellence in all that we do. We welcome you to learn more about Concord’s ideals and values that make us the company we are today.

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Quality in everything Concord is involved with. From hiring and training of our employees, to the systems incorporated into managing the company's physical properties.
Allowing Concord employees the opportunity to enjoy their jobs, while making each day fun and exciting. Fun, not at the expense of our standards, but in harmony with Concord's culture and values.
Service provided not only to our guests, but each vendor, employee and co-worker. Concord strives to provide world-class service that is passionate and attentive.
Community involvement that focuses on growth and prosperity of the communities Concord represents.